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anthony.silva — Sunday, October 7, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

Another wonderful way to get thoughts for content, and don’t laugh at this a person, is to merely glimpse in the dictionary. The dictionary has each individual phrase in the English language. If you can’t get tips from this e-book then you have to have to take into consideration wanting at a further line of function. What I do is just choose a letter off the leading of my head and commence likely by means of that area of the dictionary. The letter S is a excellent put to start off as there are tons of terms that start off with S.

Unless you are incredibly effectively founded the cheapest and most straightforward way to start out is with article writing. Of training course you do want to know how to generate an on the net post.

I assume folks wrongly lump pot in with cocaine, heroin, and other “Hard” prescription drugs. I research articles critique don’t feel someone who smokes pot will soar to the more powerful prescription drugs, just mainly because they smoke pot. Somebody who would test the stronger medications would possibly do it in any case. I probably know 6 or seven folks that would be or ended up regarded as “Pot Heads” as much as I know only 1 received on to the stronger medicines. He was doomed from the start however, was abused and ignored as a baby, and was often into problems with the law enforcement, most not too long ago becoming shot by them just before his last vacation to prison.

Be ready to renew your business enterprise. If your small business goes down, for whichever reason, you have to offer with the disappointment. Web residence-centered small business is an intensely personal factor; you can find it hard to settle for that all organizations have a daily life, specially if the business is section of your main revenue. Denial of the realities can go away you even worse off than facing them. Attempt to stay away from being way too dependent on article writing service 1 business enterprise – several cash flow streams can help save you in a downturn.

Every internet site and blog site on the internet needs distinctive articles on a frequent basis. Many internet site entrepreneurs do not have good writing competencies or have the time to publish. So, if you have a great command of the English language and a aptitude for composing then you can make a great deal of revenue creating posts and web site posts.

There are some easy strategies on article writing that you really should stick to. The principal one is to approach it out in modest chunk dimension paragraphs. Studying on the net you are not able to absorb incredibly lengthy passages of composing. Other ideas on article writing should consist of understanding the variety of text you are aiming for, and making an attempt to get it to say a single main matter. You need to purpose to write in between four hundred and five hundred words. Any additional than this and the reader will get distracted. If you create significantly less than three hundred phrases you will find it hard to say anything you need to have to contain. If you do obtain that your article critique is way much too lengthy then you may well have to have to break up it into two.

Learn from the industry experts. In advance of you get began, I suggest that you browse analysis posts that have been prepared by those men and women who are thought of specialists in this area. Through this, you’ll get a reliable notion as to how you can adequately study and author your article content. It will also support if you exploration on the web and offline assets in which you can get useful ideas and tactics.

Have a Firm Position Provide In advance of You Negotiate. You need to have this details offered right before you go to the interview. Through the job interview it is significant to converse about the job in advance of you converse about or start negotiating wage. The suitable time to explore your beginning wage is after the job place has been described and you are certain the employer understands what you are bringing to the table. After you have negotiated the position and have an give in hand, that’s the time you should start salary negotiations.

Photos and Videos Updated

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anthony.silva — Tuesday, May 13, 2008 @ 12:14 am

We just got caught up on photos & videos for the last month or so. Stop by the galleries and check them out! Here are some previews. In addition to Cinco De Mayo happening, we also went peach picking at Schnepf Farms with the Glynns – read all about it and see pictures at their site.

We’d like to submit the videos below for the Irony of the Year Awards…notice that the song playing out of our speakers in the backyard is “Imagine” which is a song about peace and unity…and then notice our daughters beating the Cinco De Mayo piñata to a pulp. Enjoy! 🙂

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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mimiyaya — Sunday, May 11, 2008 @ 10:22 pm


We hope you like your turtle jammies and garden frogs that we got you! 🙂

We love you!

-Mimi & Yaya

2008_05_03_009.jpg 2008_05_03_010.jpg







1st Swim of the Summer!

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anthony.silva — Tuesday, April 29, 2008 @ 10:17 pm

This past weekend we went for our first swim of the summer. First, daddy tested out the waters and then he came and got us so we could join in the fun! It was pretty cold at first, but we got used to it quickly (especially since we were having so much fun!).

Daddy’s note: it’s going to be SO nice to get our first FULL summer of swimming out of our new pool – we’re very excited! 🙂

Mike, Courtney, and Zane also came over and Mommy and Daddy played pictionary and taboo with Mike and Courtney – we don’t know what those games are, but if the amount of screaming and laughing going on was any indication, it sounded like lots of fun!

Guestbook Back Online!

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anthony.silva — Thursday, April 24, 2008 @ 12:47 am

This should make Mommy happy… 🙂

After a year or two of being out of commission due to getting too many spam posts, the guestbook is back and better than ever! It’s been converted over to the new visual format and uses a Captcha image/word recognition anti-spam filter so hopefully we won’t have those problems anymore. 🙂 I also imported the old entries we had with their proper dates so you can see who said what and when.

Click here or click on the “Sign Guestbook” link under “GUESTBOOK” on the side bar to sign it (even if you’ve already signed it, sign it again! 🙂 ).

Happy Birthday Grandma!

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mimiyaya — Tuesday, April 22, 2008 @ 9:56 am

Now that Grandma is online and surfing the web like crazy, we thought it would be appropriate to wish her a Happy Birthday right here on our website. So…HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA – WE LOVE YOU!!!


Shaun & Erika: The Musical

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anthony.silva — Friday, April 18, 2008 @ 11:07 pm

2008_04_18_308.jpg This past Friday, we all went to see our long-time family friend Shaun get married to his girlfriend of 3+ years Erika. It was a beautiful and fun wedding complete with choreographed entrance walks, a singer, a swing dance by the bride and groom, breakdancers, and a scripted dance by the wedding party (among all the usual wedding hoopla)!

2008_04_18_360.jpg Fun times were had by all and we were happy to finally meet Shaun’s east-coast family and friends. Towards the end of the festivities, Mimi (and Yaya this time, too!) came out to dance again. After seeing the breakdancers, the girls appeared to be trying to duplicate their moves by running and skipping around the dance floor and kicking their legs up higher than usual. Mimi even did a body wave and Yaya did a superman (or girl, as it were) pose! (Sorry for the video quality below, but it was taken with Nana’s camera – watch all the way through to see Mimi’s body wave move!)

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Also, we’re completely up to date on photos AND videos AND posts for the first time in recent memory – ENJOY!

New Photo Galleries Up!

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anthony.silva — Thursday, April 17, 2008 @ 12:46 am

After much tedium, the new format photo galleries are up and running! Notice on the sidebar we removed the old folder browser used by the old gallery software and have added simple text links to help you navigate where you want to go.

Each of the “X’s Photos” pages has a link to all of its contained galleries (labeled by month and year, just like the old gallery). Clicking on any of those galleries will get you to a gallery browse page where you can click on any image to see the fullsize version. When viewing the fullsize version, there are links in the bottom (white) part to go to the next and previous image without leaving the fullsize browser.

Next projects are getting caught up (again) on photos and posts and getting the guestbook up and running again (special request from Mommy!). We should also be adding some more title bar images in the near future.

We’ve also touched up the format of the sidebar and added small icons in a couple places for extra polish. 🙂 Please enjoy and let us know what you think!

P.S. We have noticed some problems with how the galleries show up in firefox and safari so if you use either of those browsers, that’s why things might look a bit funny (it’s 2 against 1, so that means internet explorer is probably the one that’s actually displaying it wrong ;). We’ll be working on this in the near future as well…

Dinner Party

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anthony.silva — Sunday, April 13, 2008 @ 9:45 pm

Tonight we had a dinner party with Courtney and Zane (Mike was unavailable). Zane had heated up mush and the rest of us had barbequed chicken sandwiches and french fries! Here’s a quick video of what Zane thought about it all:

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Makeover *Almost* Complete

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anthony.silva — Saturday, April 12, 2008 @ 8:47 pm

The makeover from the old pink layout to the new and improved pink (oh wait, the girls have notified us it’s fushia – did I spell that right?) layout is almost done. Post formats are set in stone and we’ve got the new flash header with the cool transitioning pictures and the picture viewer on the side. Now we just have to finish getting caught up with adding pictures and a video gallery to the site – stay tuned!

P.S. The link under “Pages” on the sidebar titled “February 2004” is a preview of what our new photo galleries are going to look like.

Update 11:30PM: While Courtney and Mommy were watching Enchanted, we now have our video gallery finally posted! Click on “Videos” under “Pages” on the sidebar on the right –>…or click here. 🙂

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