Seasons Change

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anthony.silva — Sunday, October 22, 2006 @ 8:01 pm

This weekend we decided to do something we haven’t done before as a family – we went up north and had lunch at a campsite in the woods near Sierra Ancha – about 45 minutes outside of Globe, AZ. Noel’s friend, Theresa, clued us in to the spot and it was really amazing. One reason we went up there was to see the leaves changing on the oak and maple trees. As you’ll see in the pictures from the trip, we were a tiny bit early, but we still did manage to see some nice light green to yellow leaves and a few orange and red ones here and there. We may try again in a couple weeks. It was a lot of fun and opened up a whole new world of things that we can do together! 🙂

That night, one of our neighbors had a Halloween party that we got dressed up for. Mommy was a goth dark angel chick, daddy was a cholo, and the girls were little chinese girls. Go check out the pics! (Although, fortunately for daddy, there were no pics taken of him. ;)) There will be more once Halloween actually rolls around…

New Slideshow Pics!

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anthony.silva — Thursday, October 19, 2006 @ 11:17 am

We’ve got all new updated pics in the little slideshow at the top left corner of the page. Enjoy!

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So how are we?

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anthony.silva — Sunday, October 15, 2006 @ 1:44 am

It’s been almost two years since our last posting (we’ve updated with some photos here and there between then and now, but no real info). So, what have we been up to?

Heh – well, that’s a pretty long conversation, but here’s an attempt at a quick-ish version:

Mimi and Yaya are doing great. As you can see from the newly added pictures, they are as beautiful as ever – maybe moreso, if that’s possible… 🙂 Obviously, they’re walking and talking and currently going through the terrible 2’s (although, in our opinion, they could easily be a LOT worse than they are, so we’re not really complaining :)).

They’re very smart. They know their numbers 1-10 (plus a bit farther) in spanish and english, their abc’s in english, and TONS of other words in both spanish and english. They can speak in long sentences of 12-15 words or more (which is supposedly about 2-3x the normal amount for their age). They love books and various forms of video entertainment (tv, movies, video games – although they still need some help from Daddy with this). They’re very good at the movie theater and will sit quietly through an entire children’s movie – so they’re pretty well-behaved.

They love all kinds of toys with their favorites being cars, animals, dinosaurs, legos and, of course, books. Daddy’s working very hard to get them interested in football and it seems to be paying off as they can often be heard yelling “Go Cardinals!!” on football Sundays. They’re both very big helpers around the house – they’ll clean windows and tables with Nana and Mommy and help Daddy pick the toys up off of the floor. They are just wonderful to have around and we’re very lucky to have them! 🙂

Mommy is doing well. She is working in the design center for a local homebuilder and enjoys the job because it leverages her creative talents around the house. She also runs her own small business out of her own craft room in our house – it’s called Elements – check it out.

Daddy has struggled with health problems as of late (namely a torn left acl and two degenerate discs in his lower back), but other than that is doing well, too. He continues to work as a computer programmer for a local video game company.

And of course, Mayble is still alive and kicking. She’s almost 7 years old now, but you wouldn’t know it watching her run around chasing things that you throw for her. 🙂 (Although, sometimes we wonder because she does bark at things that don’t seem to be there…senility? Maybe? Hehe. :P)


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anthony.silva — @ 1:15 am

We’re back online (actually, we never really left, but now we’re up to date :)) with a slightly new look and a TON more photos (but minus the movies for now – that’s next). Daddy finally got smart and realized the only way he was going to keep this thing up to date regularly was to use somebody else’s blog and photo gallery code instead of trying to build it himself. Anyway, here are the results…look around and see what you think. The biggest difference is in the breadth of photos that are up there now – before there wasn’t much before the girls were born whereas now the Mom & Dad gallery is populated back almost as long as we’ve been together. Also, we are basically current with photos – all the way up through the end of September of this year. We’ll probably start uploading batches of photos on a monthly basis from here on out (with blog posts possibly being a little more frequent than that). Anyway – enjoy the new photos – there will be a post about what’s going on shortly…