1 Month Birthday!!

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anthony.silva — Saturday, March 6, 2004 @ 12:04 am

Mia and Yasmine are now 1 month old. They have met over 50 friends and family (including their Great Grandfather) and are an international hit in Mexico. They are called the “Dos Gringas” due to their complexion. They recently had their 1 month check up at the doctor and are doing great. Mia weighed in at 7.4 lbs and 21 inches while Yasmine weighed 7.2 lbs and 20.5 inches. During their examination Yasmine decided to release some stress by relieving herself on Dr. Khan (TWICE!). Mom has already begun to instill the shopping bug into the girls. They have visited quite a few stores and are stopped quite frequently thanks to gushing spectators. We have also discovered they like to be read to in times of panic. It can be anything from a children’s book to a phone bill, as long as you continue to communicate they are amused. We have updated our website with a few pictures from our adventure in the park last Sunday please take a peek.

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