The Disco Diva

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anthony.silva — Sunday, March 30, 2008 @ 7:30 pm

(Scoop from Mommy & Daddy)

We took the girls to a wedding on Friday the 28th and something magical happened. When it came to the dance portion of the wedding the lights came down, the disco ball came out and so did Mimi! Something magical happened. Mimi turned into a DISCO DIVA! She was showing us moves we have never seen before. Typically in ballet class along with Yasmine they follow the movements of their instructor but are somewhat reluctant to show them off in class by themselves. Thanks to the Disco ball goddess Mia had her moment in time. Enjoy the video!

[flashvideo file=../videos/2008_03_28_005.flv image=../videos/2008_03_28_005.jpg /]

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