Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad!!

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anthony.silva — Wednesday, March 24, 2004 @ 12:06 am

Today marks the 4th wedding anniversary of Anthony and Noelia. This year has certainly been the most eventful for us with the high point obviously being the birth of Mia and Yasmine. It’s absolutely amazing how fast time flies (especially when you’re having fun) – it seems to have gone even faster in recent weeks… 😉 While 4 years is by no means an eternity, it does feel like quite some time ago that we were saying our vows in the park. We’ve since lived at 4 different addresses, had 5 different jobs and 5 different cars between the two of us, and (most importantly) made 2 beautiful baby girls. It’s definitely been a full 4 years!

Not to get mushy on anybody, but we really are some of the luckiest people I know. We have a wonderful marriage, two wonderful little girls, a wonderful dog, a great house, and great jobs. I know I speak for the whole family when I say that we wouldn’t trade a bit of it for anything in the world. And somehow, amazingly enough, it still manages to get better and better year in and year out. Feels like a dream…

P.S. Lots of new pics today!!

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