Happy (belated) 4th of July!

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anthony.silva — Monday, July 5, 2004 @ 12:25 am

We all had a fun (first) 4th of July! We got to watch fireworks on tv (mommy and daddy said that live ones would be too loud for our young ears) – we liked all the pretty colors and patterns that they make. It reminded us of our baby einstein videos that we watch!

The other day, we read a story with daddy and helped him turn the pages in the book after he was done reading each one. He was pretty amazed, but really, we just wanted to see what was on the next page! We can also hold our sippy cups on our own and roll over from front to back and from back to front. Mommy and Daddy also bought us our first play gym – we had lots of fun with that on the 4th! They’re trying a new sleep schedule with us now, too – they’re making us go to bed early (8:30pm) – so far, we’ve slept through the night 3 out of 3 nights that we’ve tried – Mommy and Daddy are very happy about that! 🙂

NEW PICS!! Check Mia’s, Yasmine’s, and the group sections – and don’t forget to look back a few pages as there are quite a few new ones! There’s also a new “image of the day” in the top left corner – daddy finally figured out how to make this look correct again, so maybe he can update it more often now! 🙂

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