Our 3rd Holiday Season

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anthony.silva — Friday, February 2, 2007 @ 12:34 am

Merry Christmas 2006!The holidays were great this year! The girls went to see Santa on the 23rd. While we were waiting in line we kept telling them, you better tell Santa what you want or he won’t bring you anything. Finally, when we got up there and it was our turn, Mimi and Yaya sat still on Santa’s lap, but as soon as he asked them “What do you want for Christmas?”, the floodgates just opened and out poured all sorts of toys from either side of him. I think Santa was a little overwhelmed. 🙂

Christmas day was full of gift unwrapping for the girls. They really enjoyed it and got all sorts of toys and clothes (including their EXACT orders from Santa!). Unfortunately one toy they weren’t able to play with was their Dora power wheels atv’s because the batteries needed to charge for 18 hours (!!) before being usable. We figured it would only be about 4 or 5 hours – needless to say we were in for a nasty surprise at 1am on Christmas day. 😛 So, the next day, we opened one up and put it together – only to find out that they’re not really interested in them! Yaya only cared to ride it for a little while and Mimi would not even go near it. Maybe they’ll grow into them… 😉

We all spent new year’s together and the girls got to shoot off confetti poppers – FUN!! 🙂

Daddy’s 30th birthday was full of surprises…first, mommy surprised daddy with a surprise b-day party out with some friends and then daddy’s co-workers surprised him with a lunch out. With gift cards and surprise parties (and a free lunch from the manager at taco bell one day), daddy had free lunches all week!

The 3rd b-day for Mimi and Yaya is right around the corner…:)

There are lots of new pics up – if you haven’t checked them out in a while, please do!

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