Our 1st Recital!

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anthony.silva — Thursday, February 21, 2008 @ 12:49 am

Ballet RecitalToday (the 20th, actually), we had the last class of this session of our ballet class which means we had our first recital! 🙂 We got to show Daddy and Nana all our ballet moves (although, we did catch a pretty mean case of stage fright with all the other parents looking on!). There are plenty of pictures up in the group gallery (and if Daddy gets videos working on the website again, we’ll have some videos, too).

Today was also Tata’s birthday so he came over to visit us and we all took a nap! Then we gave him his present that we made for him (a mug that we painted at As You Wish) – he loved it because it was from us! 🙂

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