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anthony.silva — Wednesday, March 5, 2008 @ 11:23 pm

Preschool!A couple exciting things to report! The girls attended a preschool screening last week to see if they would be able to make it into the preschool program. Although they were shy and didn’t say much, the teachers told us we’d know within the next couple of days if they made it in or not. Well, they called only a couple hours later to let us know that the girls were accepted and that they couldn’t wait to have them in class! After the screening, we spoke to the teachers and they mentioned the idea to us of splitting the girls up into separate classes to allow them to flourish on their own and become more independent. They’ll still have recess together and lots to talk about each day after school, but we liked the idea and are going to give it a try (hopefully, they’ll be ok with it, too!). šŸ™‚

The FarmOver the weekend, we had a fun morning/afternoon on Sunday. We started at IKEA for breakfast. You may laugh at this and say “What does IKEA have to do with breakfast??”. Well, if you’ve ever been in an IKEA store, you know they have a cafe inside (actually two at the one in Phoenix). And you know that their prices are VERY reasonable especially considering that the food is actually pretty good. Breakfast is their best tasting food and it’s SUPER cheap. Where else canĀ a family of 4Ā eat out for breakfast for under $10?!? Not even McDonald’s is that cheap – and their breakfast food is not nearly as good as IKEA’s. After breakfast, weĀ visited a place in South Phoenix called simply “The Farm”. It’s an old pecan grove that has been partially turned into a farm with other sorts of crops. It’s also got two restaurants and meeting facilities and special events such as weddings and the like can also be hosted there. We also took ourĀ professional photos there in 2006. It’s a really nice hidden little place that’s great for bringing your own picnic or eating at one of the restaurants – we also like to pick stuff up from their pie/fruit bar on our way out.

Also, there’s new pics up – go check out the galleries! We also added a permanent link under Favorites to our neighbors’ blog about their new baby Zane – we’ve mentioned it before – it’s called The Human Glynn Project.

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